'Dazzling', as the name aptly chosen for Desa Cemerlang implies, has been the progress and achievement of this 500 acres of residential development near Johor Bahru.

This modern self-contained township comprises some 7,500 units of mixed residential and commercial development. High standards of professionalism, emphasis on hormony with the site's natural features, the range and quality of communal facilities, use of high-end quality products and finishes and the care and attention to overall details are some of the trendsetting factors that distinguish Desa Cemerlang from others.

Integrated into this meticulously planned residential development is a full range of recreational facilities and amenities to ensure that basic necessities and comfort are not neglected.

Lush green playgrounds and beautifully landscaped park are created with care in each neighborhood.


This project is undertaken by Crescendo Development Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of Crescendo Corporation Berhad), Panoramic Housing Development Sdn Bhd (a related company of Crescendo Corporation Berhad) and Panoramic Plaza Sdn Bhd ( a subsidiary of Panoramic Housing Development Sdn Bhd).

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