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Started its 600 acres industrial park at Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang ("TPC") by its subsidiaries. It is among the largest parks in Johor. Expected to house 1000 factories once fully developed. To-date, more than 700 factories worth more than RM600m were completed and sold.

The in-house construction arm, Unibase, was established to undertake the construction work in this project.


Started its plan to develop a self-contained township containing more than 6,800 units of residential and commercial properties in Desa Cemerlang ("DC"). This development commenced in 1995 and to-date this project housed more than 4,000 units of property worth approximately RM500m.

Ambok, a wholly owned subsidiary of PID, acquired 842.9 acres of land with the intention to diversify into resort and leisure development. To-date, Ambok has not commenced operation.

1995 CCB was incorporated on 15 September .

Unibase Concrete Group was established in 1996 to diversify into civil engineering contracts and manufacture of concrete products.
1996 Restructuring exercise to acquire several subsidiaries (ie. PID, CDSB and Unibase) to facilitate the listing of CCB on the Main Board of KLSE (currently known as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad).
1997 CCB was listed on the Main Board of KLSE (now known as Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad) on 8 April.
1998 The establishment of Crescendo International College for diversification into education business. The College license was obtained in year 2000. Currently, the strenght of College lies in accountancy, management and law programmes.
2001 Acquisition of 1 390.22 acres of new landbank for "Bandar Cemerlang " project. This project is expected to generate approximately RM2.5 billion of revenue and RM0.7 billion of PAT over a period of 12 years. This project is expected to commence development in year 2006.

Acquisition of 36.8 acres of new land bank at Taman Dato Chellam ("TDC") for immediate mixed development to enhance the earning capacity of the Group. This project is expected to generate approximately RM120 million in revenue over a period of 5 to 6 years.

The Group extended its development into Bandar Nusajaya to develop approximately 341.88 acres of land into an industrial park by entering into a development right agreement with option to purchase with Bandar Nusajaya Development Sdn Bhd ("BNDSB") (formerly known as Prolink Development Sdn Bhd), a subsidiary of UEM World Bhd. The proposed name for this project is Taman Perindustrian Nusa Cemerlang (Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park)/"Nusa Cemerlang".

2005 The Group has further acquired another 41 acres of land adjacent to the above land for RM11.5 million in March 2005.




Since its venture into property development in 1989, the group and its related company, Panoramic Housing Development Sdn Bhd, have completed and sold 724 units of industrial properties and 4,316 units of residential and commercial properties valued at RM597.1 million and RM455.2 million respectively. The group’s property development activities are undertaken by wholly owned subsidiaries Panoramic Industrial Development Sdn Bhd and Crescendo Development Sdn Bhd. The group’s niche lies in the development of industrial properties, CCB is in fact one of the largest private industrial developers in Johor.

Ongoing development projects include Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang (industrial properties), Desa Cemerlang (township), Bandar Cemerlang(township), Taman Dato' Chellam and Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park and future development of Ambok Resort will keep CCB busy until the next decade.

Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang (TPC)- Amongst the largest industrial parks in Johor
Catering for light and medium scale industries, Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang (TPC) is located 16km from Johor Bahru, 30km from Senai Airport and 16km from Singapore. Among the largest industrial park in Johor.The prime location and proximity to Singapore has made it the prime choice of industrialists. The project is expected 600-acre industrial park with 900 factories once fully developed, compared to some 700 currently. Nearly 60% of the clients are involved in four major sectors—i.e. plastic, engineering, electronics and foodstuff. The list of buyers include AE Rubber Sdn Bhd, London Biscuits Bhd, Meiban Plastics Sdn Bhd, EW Plastic Sdn Bhd, Plastronic Industries Sdn Bhd, Synturn (M) Sdn Bhd, Thong Siek Food Industry Pte Ltd, PNE Precision Sdn Bhd, Mega Kabel Sdn Bhd, Chosen Plastic Sdn Bhd and Bee Chun Heng Foodstuff Sdn Bhd. Over half of the clients are Singaporeans.

In addition, the large pool of manpower within the vicinity—especially in the neighbouring Desa Cemerlang—offers added attraction. The industrial lots—which range from 3,600 to 60,000 square feet—are competitively priced, since construction is undertaken by in-house construction company, Unibase Construction Sdn Bhd. Consequently, there have been numerous repeat sales and introduction of new buyers by existing customers.

Desa Cemerlang - Offers the splendor of a self-contained lifestyle living
Desa Cemerlang (DC), which is located next to TPC, is a self-contained township comprising some 6900 units of mixed development. It is strategically situated some 16km from Johor Bahru and 22km and 25km from Pasir Gudang and Senai Airport, respectively. Earlier phases have been completed and sold out, and the Group is now embarking on phase 5H. To improve its product quality, the group offers value-added features like better landscaping, gated community and “clusterhome” concept.

Bandar Cemerlang - The next wave
In 2001, the Group acquired 1,390 acres of new landbank near Ulu Tiram which will be developed into Bandar Cemerlang. Interchange completed in June 2011.Launching of double storey and cluster semi-detached houses in FY2015.RM 3 billion of revenue over 12-15 years.

Ambok Resorts Development Sdn Bhd - Earmarked for future development
Recent completion of Sg Johor Bridge project in tandem with new Senai-Desaru Highway will boost land value of this 794-acre landbank in Kota Tinggi.Zoned for mixed development and possible to start developing this land in 6 years' time.RM60 billion refinery and petrochemical integrated development (Rapid) petrochemical complex in Pengerang by 2015 expected to create at least 20,000 jobs during construction phase and 4,000 potential jobs for highly-skilled workers.Public-private partnership between state government,Vopak Asia Ltd and local oil and gas player Dialog Group developing a deep-water petroleum terminal in pengerang will draw investments of RM6 billion over 10 years and create over 800 jobs.New oil and gas (O&G) industry facilities in Pengerang will boost town's population from a current 20,000 to 40,000.O&G hub of Pengerang will greatly improve potential development of Ambok Resorts in view of potential demand for quality accommadation at a safe distance from Rapid.

Taman Dato’ Chellam (TDC) - Making its mark in Tebrau
On 12 May 2004, newly incorporated subsidiary Panoramic Jaya Sdn Bhd entered into a Sale & Purchase Agreement with Petunas Development Sdn Bhd (the Vendor) and Chellam Investment Sdn Bhd (the Proprietor) to acquire 37.6 acres of land in Mukim Tebrau for RM9.28 million.Opposite to TPC and DC.Ready for immediate development-enhance earning capacity of Group. The said land has been approved for mixed residential, commercial and industrial development—i.e. part of the project called Taman Dato’ Chellam. This project is expected to generate about RM120 million in revenue over a period of 5 to 6 years.

Nusa Cemerlang Industrial Park (NCIP) - Industrial Hub of Bandar Nusajaya
On 31 May 2004, wholly owned subsidiary Panoramic Industrial Development Sdn Bhd (PID) entered into a conditional agreement with Bandar Nusajaya Development Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Prolink Development Sdn Bhd) (BNDSB), a 64% subsidiary of UEM World to acquire the development rights to develop approximately 342 acres of land in Mukim of Pulai. The agreement also comes with an option to purchase the land over an eight-year period. This arrangement will enable the Group to achieve its objective of increasing strategic landbank with low initial cash outflow as compared to outright purchase. The land will be developed into an industrial park (NCIP), and will form part of Bandar Nusajaya, in which BNDSB is the master developer. As at 6th April 2004, the land has a market value of RM104.3m and the option price as at development date is RM106.3 m. In March 2005, PID has also entered into another conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement with BNDSB to acquire an additional 40.61 acres of land adjacent to NCIP which will further increase the size of NCIP from 342 acres to 382 acres.

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