Crescendo Corporation Berhad is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities, with investment in various subsidiaries involved in construction, property and resort development. The company is accredited with the successful and widely acclaimed development of Desa Cemerlang and Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang in Johor Bahru and established themselves as developers of quality residential, commercial and industrial properties.


What's New

 07 Oct 2015
Crescendo 2nd Quarter 2015
 01 Oct 2012
Lower Net Profit Due to Normalised Profit Margin

Property Highlight

Detached Factory - Type 7
Price: 6,967,600.00
Land Area: 47,096 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: 21,114 sq. ft.
Detached Factory - Type 6
Price: 3,247,200.00
Land Area: 23,872 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: 9,840 sq. ft.
Semi Detached Factory - Type 4
Price: from RM1,919,800.00
Land Area: from 11,200 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: from 5,669 sq. ft.
Cluster Factory - Type 3
Price: from RM2,494,900.00
Land Area: from 12,000 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: from 8,048 sq. ft.
Semi-Detached Factory
Price: from RM3,041,700.00
Land Area: from 15,468 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: from 10,139 sq. ft.
Detached Factory DH120
Price: RM 17,238,000.00
Land Area: 73,463 sq. ft.
Built-Up Area: 44,198 sq. ft.
Double Storey Semi-Detached House
Price: 670,000.00 - 726,040.00
Land Area: 32' x 90'
Built-Up Area: 2,694 sq. ft.
Three Storey Cluster House
Price: 698,000.00 - 745,080.00
Land Area: 32' x 80'
Built-Up Area: 3,245 sq. ft.
Double Storey Terrace House
Price: 558, 000.00 - 568,000.00
Land Area: 26' x 70'
Built-Up Area: 2,612 sq. ft.
Three Storey Shop Office (Precinct A4)
Price: RM1,155,000.00
Land Area: 24'x80'
Built-Up Area: 5,483 sq. ft.
Three Storey Shop Office Lagenda 2 (Current Launch)
Price: From RM1,200,000.00
Land Area: 22' x 75'
Built-Up Area: Estimated 4,816 - 8,585 sq. ft
Double Storey Shop Office
Price: From RM698,000
Land Area: 22' x 70'
Built-Up Area: 3,080 - 6,868 sq. ft.
Double Storey Cluster House
Price: 648,000.00 - 714,080.00
Land Area: 32' x 80'
Built-Up Area: 2,510 sq. ft.

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